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Hello and welcome! This is the Worlds largest news aggregator with 1200 sources & 2500 news/day. Over 2.5+ million news in our database searchable with newsdb. Updates every 5 minutes. All alternative news at one place, very convenient. Select below and help spread the word, thanks! Our news has moved to telegram. Just install the telegram app on your phone or the telegram client for Mac, Windows or Linux. When done, use the link below to join our free channel "World News". Telegram tips Secure via telegram : World News Secure via telegram : World News Chat The searchable newsdb database is subscription only. Subscription info The system consists of a cluster of computers to do the rss fetching and special proprietary software developed to make it all work. Several dns and replication servers as well to help spread the load. Tons hours spent on this and its my main source for alternative non-fake news. The site is very basic without bling, I try to make it as lean as possible where the news itself is the most important thing.
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